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Fantastic Fabric ~ You Should Know

Fantastic Fabric was founded by a group of young textile experts in November 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The founding members are experienced in different fields of the textile industry, including research and development, customer service, and quality and delivery control.

The founder, Sam Tsai, was originally a semiconductor engineer who later discovered a passion and interest in textile development, and brought together a talented team to create the next generation of leading textile products in Taiwan.

Fantastic Fabric’s strengths include creativity and flexibility in response to clients’ requests. We continue to develop knitted and woven fabrics, special dye services, and engineered fabrics based on client feedback. We also specialize in the creation of unique textiles, including the following capabilities:

Design services:  Jacquard pattern customerized design

Knitting Types:  Circular Knitted Fabrics / Warp Knitted Fabrics

Dye Services:  Yarn Dye/ Dope Dye /Piece Dye /Beam Dye

Special Finishing Services:  Coating / Reflective finishing / Brushing / Printing ..

At Fantastic Fabric, our aim is to make unique textiles and satisfied customers.

We offer vertical intergration service.

We develop and produce with sustainability and performance in mind.

We help you manifest ideas into reality.

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